Founded by a team of world-class scientists returning to China, Clover Biopharmaceuticals is passionate about developing transformative biologic therapies for the millions of Chinese patients who currently do not have access to modern biological medicines.
Seeking to Change the Paradigm in China | Emerging only recently from the advent of modern biotechnology, biologics today represent the majority of the world’s most efficacious therapies due to their high target specificity and lower off-target toxicities compared to small molecule drugs. In fact, biologics generated over US$150 billion in global sales and represented over 70% of the combined sales from the top 10 drugs worldwide in 2015. However, few of these therapies are approved in China, and most Chinese people are not able to access them at affordable prices. Clover is seeking to change this paradigm.
Decades of Biologics Development & Manufacturing Expertise | These biological drugs are highly-complex and require extensive technical expertise to develop and manufacture that most domestic Chinese companies do not have. Our leadership team has decades of experience in biologics development needed to successfully bring such therapies to market. 
Developing Novel Biologics & Differentiated Biosimilars | We are developing a robust portfolio of novel biologics and differentiated biosimilars to treat the world’s most debilitating diseases – autoimmune, cancer and infectious diseases. We are utilizing our proprietary Trimer-Tag© technology to develop novel, trimerized fusion-protein therapies.
Our primary focus is in the China market but plan to develop our therapies globally if they meet an unmet need for patients worldwide.