About Us

Corporate Executive Team
  • Joshua Liang

    Joshua Liang

    Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director

  • Peng Liang, Ph.D.

    Peng Liang, Ph.D.

    Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Chairman Of The Board

  • Nicholas Jackson, MSc., DLSHTM, Ph.D.

    Nicholas Jackson, MSc., DLSHTM, Ph.D.

    President of Global R&D

  • LiongHo Chua

    LiongHo Chua

    President of Greater China

  • Mike Berry, Ph.D.

    Mike Berry, Ph.D.

    Chief Technical Operations Officer

  • Htay Htay Han, MBBS

    Htay Htay Han, MBBS

    Chief Medical Officer, Vaccine

  • Brian Krex

    Brian Krex

    General Counsel

  • Aileen Wang

    Aileen Wang

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Lily Yang

    Lily Yang

    Chief People Officer

Corporate Leaders
  • Nicolas Burdin, Ph.D.

    Nicolas Burdin, Ph.D.

    Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research

  • Andrew Baker

    Andrew Baker

    Senior Vice President, Global Procurement

  • Abigail Bracha, Ph.D.

    Abigail Bracha, Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development

  • Yang Li, Ph.D.

    Yang Li, Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President, PDMS

  • Qi Liang, MD, Ph.D.

    Qi Liang, MD, Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President, Antibody Discovery

  • Igor Smolenov M.D., Ph.D.

    Igor Smolenov M.D., Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President, Global Clinical Development, Vaccines

  • François Verdier, Ph.D.

    François Verdier, Ph.D.

    Head of Global Regulatory Affairs

  • Helena Tong, Ph.D.

    Helena Tong, Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs

  • Tracy Wang

    Tracy Wang

    Senior Vice President, Head of Regulatory Affairs, China

  • Derek Xu, MD

    Derek Xu, MD

    Senior Vice President, Oncology Clinical Development

  • Rong Xu, MD, Ph.D.

    Rong Xu, MD, Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President, Preclinical Research and development(Vaccine)